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DID YOU KNOW that insulin resistance is a cause for Alzheimer's, heart disease, and weight gain to name a few? Many people don't know this, and equally, MOST people don't quite understand what insulin resistance is, how you get it and if you have it.

Unfortunately, over 95 percent of physicians do not include fasting insulin in your lab work. Our Carb Threshold Report confirms if you have insulin resistance and provides you with a blueprint on how you can reverse it. The report also tells you if you primarily burn fat or carbs.

Are you a fat-burner or carb-burner?

The Carb Threshold Report is the first comprehensive blueprint that tells you how to eat based on your metabolism, so you know if you are primarily a fat-burner or carb-burner!

Your Carb Threshold Report exposes the truth behind why you gain weight, predicts how you personally lose excess body fat best, and explains your Carb Threshold Score. Your Carb Threshold Score ranges from 0 to 100 and confirms what level of insulin resistance you have. Once you understand your score, you will know exactly how to eat to shift your body to primarily burning fat instead of carbs. 

Before the Carb Threshold Report was made available, it was difficult for individuals to determine their Carb Threshold Scores and find nutrition experts to provide a nutrition plan that was fit for their level of metabolic flexibility. Only hospitals and University or Echocardiogram Testing Centers could perform cardiovascular stress tests to discover if someone primarily burned fat or carbs. With our Carb Threshold Report, we have made it easy for you to determine your Carb Threshold Score and receive a customized nutrition plan through our Diet Free Life methodology that will shift your body into a fat burning machine.  No matter your age or health status, it will work for you.

This report provides you with an overview that shows you how to:

  • Lose weight without avoiding carbs
  • ​Control sugar and sweet cravings
  • ​Increase energy and stamina
  • ​Optimize fat burning
  • ​Reset your metabolism
  • ​Reverse insulin resistance
  • ​Improve your gut health
  • ​Reduce inflammation
  • ​Remove skin tags naturally
  • ​Support healthy blood glucose metabolism

Did you know that the number one predictor on whether you are likely to gain weight, is knowing what your Carb Threshold Score is? Knowing and understanding your personalized Carb Threshold Score positions you with a scientifically proven plan to avoid weight gain and lose weight without avoiding carbs or counting calories. Even better, it's all explained in our one of a kind personalized Carb Threshold Report!

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To establish your current Carb Threshold Score, we utilize a select biometric and health risk assessment, as well as a proprietary formula to identify possible innsulin resistance, and determine if you are primarily a fat or carb burner. With this information, we can provide a personal meal plan to shift your body into fat burning mode.

It is important to understand that your body is always burning fat and carbs for energy. However, the amount of fat or carbs your body burns for energy changes and it’s not as simple as a 50-50 ratio. This means that if you are primarily burning fat, you are a “Fat Burner” and vice versa when it comes to primarily burning carbs.

Studies show that "Carb Burners" are 2.5 times more likely to gain the highest amount of weight. The good news is that our Carb Threshold Report provides you with the blueprint to shift your body from being a "carb burner" to a "fat burner".

Our Carb Threshold Report is the world’s first analysis to accurately measure your Carb Threshold Score and provide you with a personalized plan to lose weight, reverse insulin resistance, and increase your energy without overly restrictive dieting and endless hours of exercise.

Our bodies are always burning both carbs and fat; however, our body primarily burns one over the other for fuel. And it matters, especially if you want to lose weight.

If your body primarily burns fat, you’re a fat burner and that’s a good thing. But when your body primarily burns carbs, you’re a carb burner and there are three facts that you want to know:

  1. Carb burners have difficulty losing weight (body fat).
  2. Carb burners crave carbs that include sweets, bread and salty foods.
  3. Carb burners burn fewer calories throughout the day when compared to fat burners.

Your Carb Threshold Score tells you:

  • If you’re a Carb Burner or Fat Burner.
  • How to improve improve metabolic health (e.g., cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycerides, fasting glucose, insulin resistance (i.e., fatty liver), and Hemoglobin A1c levels), symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and reduce cancer and cardiovascular risks.
  • The nutrition guidelines that includes what ingredients and food to avoid and how to eat to shift your body into being a fat burner.
  • What Insulin Resistance is and how you can reverse it. When you understand Insulin Resistance, it’s not only possible but easier to lose weight, improve gut health, and reduce inflammation.

With your Carb Threshold Report you get a consultation with a Certified Nutritionist that is trained to teach the Diet Free Life methodology. This coach will explain your results, and you’ll have unlimited access to an online presentation that explains the details of your Carb Threshold Score and how to improve it.