7-Day Vita Blend

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7-Day Vita Blend
The 7-Day Vita Blend is included with the Detox Drop™. Designed to revitalize your immune system along with a nutrition plan, the 7-Day Vita Blend is formulated to include vitamins D and C, Quercetin (antioxidant), prebiotic, probiotic, the trace mineral zinc, and a potent blend of tart cherry extract, celery seed extract and turmeric. This powerful and potent blend of supplements makes for an amazingly effective formula for detoxing the body and empowering your health!
WARNING: The 7-Day Vita Blend is only available for people who hav purchased the Detox Drop. All order of the 7-Day Vita Blend are screened, and if there's no record that you have previously purchased the Detox Drop, your order will not be processed and you will be charged a $5 handling fee and refunded the balance.
If if recommended that you perform the Detox Drop seasonally (quarterly). However, you could perform it monthly.
If you have any questions, please check back in the store as we are adding information regularly. Also, you can email any questions you have to Lori@dietfree.com