30-Day Vita Blend

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30-Day Vita Blend
The 30-Day Vita Blend is a month supply of the supplements that come with the Detox Drop™. Designed to revitalize your immune system along with a proper nutrition plan, the 30-Day Vita Blend is formulated to include vitamins D and C, Quercetin (antioxidant), prebiotic, probiotic, the trace mineral zinc, and a potent blend of tart cherry extract, celery seed extract and turmeric. This powerful and potent blend of supplements makes for an amazingly effective formula for not only detoxing the body, but empowering your health!
After receiving hundreds of emails to make available this unique blend of supplements, we did our due diligence and sourced the supplements until we could provide you with the ideal supplement blend for anyone wanting to optimize overall health. With the Vitamin D, C, Zinc and prebiotic/probiotics that comes with this 30-day supply, you save $$$. Bought separately, this blend and quality of supplements would cost $250. We were able to get it the price down to $89.95.
Once you have done the DETOX DROP, you will lifetime access to the nutrition plan, and with this monthly supply of our Vita-Blend, you will not have to pay for additional supplements. Everything you need when it comes to supplements, is included with this 30-Day Vita Blend.
It is recommended that you order at least seven days prior to running out to be able to receive your monthly supply in a timely manner. 
If you have any questions, please check back in the store as we are adding information regularly. Also, you can email any questions you have to Lori@dietfree.com


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    Vita Blend

    Posted by Debbie Hymas on 9th Nov 2023

    I have been taking the Vita Blend supplement for 2 months now and I feel they have been a benefit to my overall health. I have more energy and stamina for the everyday things, and I feel that I am sleeping better as well. I think this product is worth the price. I like the convenience of having them prepackaged. I would recommend this product to anyone.