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Reduce Body Fat And Improve Health, Eating Foods You Love!

Want more motivation, support and accountability that is proven to keep you on track to achieve your weight loss and health goals? Built on our evidence-based and clinically proven Diet Free Life methodology, once you register, you’ll have options to work with a coach one-on-one or as part of a group.

We have helped thousands of people both lose weight and keep it off. Our secret sauce is that we show you how to eat all types of food (e.g., at home, when eating out, while traveling) and lose weight. You don't count calories or points. No need to avoid carbs and you learn how to eat to establish habits that you can live with. 

How It Works

Once you register, we e-mail next steps to get off to a great start. We provide you with a grocery list and meal plan that is designed specifically for you. This program is good for 30 days, and during the first month, we update your nutrition plan and evaluate your progress every seven days. After the first month, you are given a few options for continuing your journey or cancelling.

After the first month, we have three monthly plans for you to consider:

  • Silver Plan: $75 per month
  • Gold Plan: $200 per momth
  • Platinum Plan: $400 per month


Methods for losing weight and improving health are not the same for everyone. Some people struggle to lose one pound. Others compromise their health by losing weight the wrong way. 

All of our programs and services are developed from an evidence-based and clinically proven methodology that has helped thousands of people –just like you– achieve desired health and weight loss outcomes. Whether it is losing weight, getting off prescription medications, reducing cancer risk, or reversing type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance, this program meets you where you are. Again, it's tailored specifically to you and your lifestyle!