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Detox Drop
In just 7 days with the Detox Drop™, you will jump-start your health, improve gut balance, rejuvenate energy, and improve the efficiency of your metabolism to make weight loss easier. The Detox Drop™ includes a grocery list and daily meal plan designed by nutritionist, best-selling author and creator of the Diet Free Life methodology, Robert Ferguson.
The Detox Drop™ is heart healthy, diabetic and vegan friendly, doctor approved, and ideal for anyone wanting to enhance fitness, break cravings, boost metabolism, maximize fat loss, lower uric acid associated with high blood pressure, and improve issues related to gout and insulin resistance.
The Detox Drop™ revitalizes your immune system by using a combination of real food and a blend of vitamins D and C, Quercetin (antioxidant), prebiotic, probiotic, the trace mineral zinc, and a potent blend of tart cherry extract, celery seed extract and turmeric. This powerful and potent blend of supplements makes for an amazingly effective formula for detoxing the body and empowering your health!
Your Detox Drop™ includes the following:
  • Detox Drop Booklet
  • Daily Meal Plan that includes snack options and a grocery list of the foods that are proven to lower uric acid, increase insulin sensitivity and support gut health
  • Supplement Organizer for your supplement blend
  • 7-Day Online Program
How It Works

After registration, you will receive an email granting you access to the 7-Day Online Program and a pdf of the Detox Drop, which includes a complete grocery shopping list. The Supplement Organizer and recommended daily supplements will be mailed to you. You may begin the 7-day program whenever it works best for you!




The people who benefit most from the Detox Drop™ are those who are wanting to experience the following:
  • Break a stall in weight loss
  • Improve gut health (microbiome)
  • Feel better and improve energy
  • Ignite immune system
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Reverse insulin resistance
  • Improve fatty liver

The supplement organizer makes the Detox Drop™ fool-proof. To optimize your results, it is recommended that you establish a baseline at the beginning of the program. After just 7 days, evaluate the outcomes in each area listed below:

  • Waist circumference (on average people are losing 1 to 3 inches off their waist in just seven days)
  • Fasting glucose (on average people are losing 10 to 30 points in just seven days)
  • Uric acid (on average people are lowering their uric acid by 1-3 points)
  • Weight loss (on average people are losing 4 to 11 pounds in just seven days)
  • Energy (on average people are saying they feel better in just seven days)
  • Blood pressure (on average people are lowing their systolic numbers by 10 to 40 points in just seven days)


If you have any questions, please check back in the store as we are adding information regularly. Also, you can email any questions you have to


Bottomline: With this program you can get started, or create a relaunch so that you are motivated and inspired, which combats boredom or familiarity. This is different and recommended quarterly (change of seasons). Not only does it help weight loss, it jump starts immunity and overall health.


Once you purchase the Detox Drop™, you will receive a discount code for future purchases.


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    Posted by Sandy Silver on 11th Jun 2023

    I'm on day 7 of the detox drop! I'm amazed how great I'm feeling! This was the easiest detox I've ever done! While tomorrow is my weigh in, I know my clothes are looser, I'm actually able to taste my food better, my mental clarity has improved and my blood pressure is in normal range for the first time in my adult life! I'm excited for tomorrow to see how much I've dropped! Thank you Robert!